21st Century Curriculum and Instructional

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Key Learning
Technology is a cohesive component of 21st Century curriculum and instruction. Exemplary practices can be employed more effectively with the use of technology, engaging and empowering the learner and teacher with increased levels self directed learning. Educational technology resources must be relevant to instruction while supporting the delivery of the core content and best practices. Technology must be used to support and enhance the desired learning outcomes and student proficiency levels.

Unit Essential Question
  • How can I build exemplary 21st Century learning environments that supports diverse learning needs and styles and engages all students in their learning?

Lesson Essential Questions
  • How can educational technology resources assist and support best practice strategies?
  • What standards or competencies need to be identified and utilized to build 21st Century Learning environments?
  • How can school reform planning and implementation be designed to better meet the needs of today's learners?